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Jeadawn Cropp, Doula 

My name is Jeadawn Cropp, and I am a passionate mother of two!  I am homegrown, born and raised, in Columbia Missouri. Over the years, I have developed a passion for baking, high school sports, and small crafts. 
I became interested in becoming a doula when I learned about the mortality rate of black and brown women and the fact that they are often overlooked during their child birthing experience. The more I continued my journey of learning and preparing for the doula work, I realized that my own birthing experiences were not of my own.  They were basically agenda-driven births where I had no say so, and no real voice in the matter. Along with becoming a doula, I have an interest in breastfeeding and educating the community about its benefits while breaking down the stigmas that have tarnished the breastfeeding reputation.
I vow to uplift our new mommies, and mommies to be, to encourage and evoke a sense of strength within them, to educate them to the highest extent regarding their choices during birthing experiences, build their love for their bodies and their babies, as well as reestablish a sense of being proud queens.

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